Healthcare is a complex area where you have to be constantly up to date with new technologies and treatment approaches. That’s a good reason to keep your call center always available for the patients, and LimeLine will tell you how!

LimeLine and the Healthcare Industry

In healthcare you need to run a huge patients DB, continuously making sure that they get individual care in a timely and productive manner. Therefore your call center should be able to set up payment reminders and appointments, keep track of sensitive client data like payment data, prescription drugs, insurance etc.

Do you think there is an approach to deliver your services to the patients more productively than you already do for today? Are you using all existing technologies to keep track of your patients’ interactivities, and store them, as they take place? Are you delivering the best individual healthcare services possible to your clientele? Does the system that you are using protect your patients’ sensitive data?

Welcome to LimeLine ACD Call Center!



PCI DSS (white paper link) compliance standards serve to protect healthcare payments and the rest of financial transactions through LimeLine system.


Multi Tenant Cloud PBX by LimeLine performs without any faults that let many customers remain in touch and fully receive the services that you render. This cloud-based software can be simply accessed anywhere, whenever it is needed.

CRM Integration

LimeLine solutions can be customized specifically for your software, or any CRM required, equally client and web based, for your contact database to receive fast access and take very little time for migration.


ACD Call Center adjustment takes a few simple things such as a pair of headset, a PC and Internet connection per a call center agent. Hardware and infrastructure are not required.


We are happy to offer your team of professionals to get trained on how to most effectively use our software solutions based on technical support and customer service.


Our cloud-based software helps a great deal to save funds, particularly compared to traditional call centers, which definitely raises productivity and increases general business results. We provide complete flexibility of all of our solutions for your kind attention.


Incoming callers will find all the required data, or will be redirected to the manager who is most capable of helping them with their inquiry, utilizing a specifically customized IVR as well as LimeLine skills-based routing solution.

Don’t forget to keep in touch with your existing and perspective patients on various contact channels like text, voice, social media and chat.

LimeLine cloud-based software suggests that your reps will be able to use our solution distantly at any place whenever they need, which means your doctors will have an opportunity to make house calls, and keep an eye on their patients.

Remember to alter every call script that you have for all your outcoming campaigns. Arrange mass calls to notify your clients of vaccinations for seasonal illnesses, new waves of pandemic disease etc.

Set follow-up calls to arrange payment reminders, prescriptions and future appointments.

For basically any kind of a calling campaign a PD solution can identify answering machines, no-answering, busy lines and fax machines to contact intended recipients very quickly.

The Auto-Attendant software helps to make sure that calls are not missed by sending them to mobile voicemail or an external number. With its help you will never miss another inbound call again.

Why are we special?

ACD Call Center solution will help you keep track on your call center staff. It will record and store all the calls and view their activity in the system, as well as assess the effectiveness of their work. Such reports are kept within the system for up to 90 days.

The list of required features for optimal productivity of your staff can be found on our website.