Every financier knows that time costs money so why not provide productive agents and effective lead management with LimeLine?

LimeLine and the Financial Industry

Kicking off! One of the core things that finance industry has to manage on a daily basis is sensitive information of clientele. Therefore these companies are well aware of the fact that data security is of high relevance. Either it is investment consultancy, banking or credit – you wish for your clients to fully trust you with their financial data. Is there a way to guarantee the security of your clients’ information sensitivity? What would be your approach to track and analyze the contacts and activities of your clientele so that you could offer them the most of your business? And how do you think you can increase the productivity of the financial side of your company? Welcome to LimeLine Call Center Software solution! Together we will find the answers to all these important questions.



We implement PCI DSS compliance standards for financial transactions and sensitive customer information in our system.


Our Multi Tenant Cloud PBX technology works without blackouts which allows for your clients to stay in touch and receive the services you render in full. You can access Multi Tenant Cloud PBX from pretty much anywhere because it is a cloud based software solution.

CRM Integration

Our software is easily customized to co-exist with your solution or any other different CRM, so that your contact database can be easily accessible and requires less or no time at all to migrate.


All your need for a call center is a pair of headset, computer and Internet connection per a call center agent. Infrastructure and hardware are not required.


We are glad to provide training on our solutions for your staff that is based both on customer service and technical support. .


LimeLine helps saving a lot of costs in comparison with classical call centers thanks to being cloud-based. It also significantly increases performance and improves overall results of the business due to its extreme flexibility.


Incoming callers usually find what they are seeking at a number they dial, or less they are redirected to a different person who is more capable of assisting them with their financial matters. The use of IVR (Interactive Voice Response) plays a significant part in such a process where routing skills are implemented into life.

It is highly recommended to customize all the call scripts for the outcoming campaigns for adjusting payment/statement alerts purposes as well as keeping the clients posted about their financial situation.

With a well thought-out calling campaign a Predictive Dialer will quickly recognize fax and answering machines, no-answers etc. and will contact intended recipients almost instantly.

Keep in touch with existing and perspective clients on various contact channels like chat, voice, text, social media etc.

Auto-attendant helps receiving all the calls that were missed. It basically transfers the call to outcoming numbers and mobile voicemail. Using such a “pause” you will have just enough time to think on every tricky question about your clients’ financial issues and investments concerns.

In addition our cloud-based ACD Call Center allows for your agents to access the software at any place with Internet connection whenever you need it.

Why are we special?

With our ACD Call Center you get a unique possibility to manage and measure your workforce considering historical and real-time data. Real-time statistic and reports will enable you with entire control of the workflow process from practically any place. The reports can be archived and stored in the system for over 90 days. Check out the list of features necessary for your team productivity that are now available on our website.