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Telemarketing - the easiest way to tune sales.


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What is LimeLine:

Owned call centers

Prague, Moscow, New Delhi, Wilmington, London.

Leads Database

Legal entities (containing more than 300,000 contacts). The possibility data mining and targeting according to your wishes.

Qualified professionals

High professional competence of operators providing your customers with quality service.

Modern technology

Our state of art call center software in cooperation with hi tech equipment backed up by a fiber channel grid will ensure you maximum availability and reliability

Inbound telemarketing:

  • Hotline
  • English, Czech, Russian-speaking operators
  • Virtual Office
  • Dispatching
  • Technical support
  • Order Processing
  • Reservation

Outbound telemarketing:

  • Updating leads
  • Market research
  • Search for new customers
  • Cold calling
  • Invitations to events
  • Quality Control Services
  • Telephone audits
  • Working with claims
  • Campaign
  • Information calls
  • SMS and e-mail newsletter

How does it work?




Project Planning.


launch test project.


launch main project.


Grow your sales immediately after launch project!

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