Why You Should Choose Us

Here are the key reasons why we are best placed to enhance your business performance

About us :

LimeLine ( Galevi s.r.o ) LimeLine is one of Europe's leading providers of cloud data and telecom solutions. The company offers a wide range of high quality services for the automation , processes optimization, cost reduction and efficiency improvement, provides individual approach to each customer.

LimeLine started in 2006 as a provider of Cloud-based Enterprise Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) focused on high performance private dedicated cloud resource pools and Hybrid Cloud Connect services. Backed by Equinix, the world’s largest and most respected data center provider. LimeLine was providing business customers and service providers with operations around the globe.

Few facts :

  • HW: We use only leading server brands: Dell PowerEdge, HP Proliant
  • DC: We are located at Equinix
  • Cloud : Our cloud is built on vmware vCloud infrastructure
  • Backup: We use Veeam Backup system to ensure
  • Connect: We are interconnected with world's largest Tier 1 providers such as Coget , Tnet ,DT , Level 3 members of DE-CIX , NIC.CZ
  • Network : We own 6 class C ipv4 private networks and own AS number AS197026
  • Software: all limeline solutions are in house custom built

Our project continues to benefit from our vast experience in working with our customers, as is quickly apparent from its long list of supported features. Our flagship product LimeLine multitenant pbx is an extremely flexible cloud solution.

At LimeLine, we understand that our success depends on the success of our clients.